Anti Inflammatory Foods

Anti inflammatory foods on The Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet Program include savory salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, 100% fruit juices, and even red wine. Based on Dr. Chilton's latest research, these anti inflammatory foods work with your genes naturally to help you have more energy, lower levels of inflammation, and lose weight without hunger. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of Anti Inflammatory Foods and why they're necessary for optimum health.

Anti Inflammatory Foods - Why Do We Need Them?

Research is increasingly associating whole body inflammation with our largest and fastest growing health conditions including diabetes, arthritis, asthma, allergies, obesity, heart disease, and more. Given its impact on such a range of conditions, increasing your intake of anti inflammatory foods and reducing whole body inflammation may be one of the most important things you can do for your health. 

Anti Inflammatory Foods Principles

Anti Inflammatory Foods Principle 1: Add Omegas

Getting enough of and the right kind of omegas is a vital anti inflammatory foods principle on the Gene Smart program. Increase your intake of high Omega-3 fish and limit Omega 6 sources. Although we encourage obtaining your omegas through anti inflammatory food, we understand that not everyone can obtain enough omegas through anti inflammatory foods alone. That's why Gene Smart created high quality Omega-3 and Borage Oil supplements, designed especially to support your anti inflammatory foods diet. They work together to help the body maintain a healthy inflammatory balance. The Gene Smart Omega-3 supplement is concentrated to deliver 1,200mg of EPA + DHA in a 2 soft-gel serving, whereas the Borage Oil Supplement delivers the recommended 400mg of GLA each day in a 2 soft-gel serving.

Anti Inflammatory Foods Principles 2: Increase Fiber

Increasing your fiber may be one of the most important anti inflammatory food principles when it comes to losing weight because it helps you feel fuller for longer. In fact, studies confirm a direct relationship between the amount of fiber you eat and the number of pounds you lose. Start by gradually adding high fiber anti inflammation foods to your anti inflammatory foods diet. As your body starts to adjust, increase your fiber to the daily recommended value of 14-16 grams per 1,000 calories, or about 30 grams for a 2,000 calorie diet. Visit for a full list of anti inflammatory foods to help you increase fiber benefits.

Anti Inflammatory Foods Principle 3: Increase Polyphenols

Increase polyphenols by eating more dark skinned fruits and vegetables, drinking green teas, and choosing 100% fruit juices. In moderation, red wine, and dark chocolate can be sources of polyphenols. This anti inflammatory foods principle has been shown to regulate energy metabolism and enhance genes that protect us. To ensure you are getting enough polyphenols, take an anti inflammatory foods supplement formulated for its polyphenols (vs. anti-oxidant properties) like Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract. Gene Smart offers a Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract designed to maximize its polyphenol benefits and contains specific types and doses of polyphenols recommended by Dr. Chilton.

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